automatic encrusting machine for pizza

We have been a up and down integrated adaptable packaging manufacturer with capacity to extrude film, engrave cylinders, print, laminate and convert movies into a huge selection of pouches and bags.
Automatic-Encrusting-Machine FOR PIZZA and cake
Automatic-Encrusting-Machine FOR PIZZA

Plastic bags can vary based on your product specification & processing machines, but our ongoing commitment to invest in supply chain distribution, manufacturing machinery and technology, is your best guarantee that your custom made products are produced at the highest level of quality, and on the most cost effective manner.

FP encrusting Packaging Corp is freshly formed and invested by way of a leading Asian food encrusting manufactuer of flexible packaging, Jin Plastic material Compound Shade Stamping Co Ltd. Our purpose is to provide a fast, high quality steady and cost efficient adaptable packaging products And solution to consumers who battle to reduce the packaging cost.

We are vertically integrated maker with capability to extrude movies, engrave cylinders, print, laminate and convert films in to a large variety of bags and pouches.

he EP BX is ideal for huge automatic encrusting machine and food production line packing of food goods such as confectionery, baked products, meat, vegetable and fruit cheese biscuits, cookies, crackers and wafers and candy in addition to lowfoods apps.

The box motion conclusion sealer is perfect for products which use fuller packaging need and films air flow tight (hermetic) closing (particularly when gas eliminating / modified ambiance pacaging (Guide) is required).


Designed with encrusting machine hygiene in mind

Strengthened safety features

Cantilever style infeed conveyor for quick cleaning and uncomplicated maintenance.

Auto film nourish roller placing and new film pressure manage method guarantees steady film foldable.

New style finish sealer process for high dependability closes and extended service existence. Functions easyclear conclusion sealer (with devicetotally free cutter transform and retracting release belt).New design wheel type center sealer

with quick temperature response allows for a broader selection of movies to be used using the machine.

15- color touch-screen manage panel. Twin display exhibit readily available for multiplemonitoring and control.

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