automatic encrusting machine and forming

automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
This automatic encrusting machine will encrusting, filling and forming the dough layer.
Ant filling each individual food product into the cake, pizza,cookie…
The automatic encrusting machine is easy to installation
, maintain, operation and cleaning.
Filling stuff such as
 fruit jams, fruit paste and other types of liquid fillings can be used.
Changing different forming moulds will allow various products to be produced
Parts that are in contact with the product are made of food
sanitation and safety standard stainless plastic and steel.
Product Type can be making by encrusting machine
Maamoul and Cake, Pineapple Cake,Topfenknodel and Knoedel, Bread Sticks, Shortbread, Filled Pretzels,Knishes and Marzipan, Cookie Bar, FruitTamales and Bars, Twisted Donuts, Filled Donuts, Ginger Bread Cookies, Almond Cookie, Piroschki, Mochi Cake, Ice Box Cookie, Double Filled Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Open Top Mini Pizza,Coxinha and Arancini, Rice Croquette, Filled Burger Patties, Filled Beef Roll, Rasgulla, Germknodel, Kubba and Pyzy Steamed Bun, Chicken Kiev, Sweet Walnut Cookie, Striped Cookie, Cookie Twists, Dinner Roll, Stollen, Filled Bagel, Strietzel, Apple Strudel
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