Automatic encrusting machine and forming machine for food


automatic encrusting & filling machine
automatic encrusting & filling machine


1. Top quality tiny mammoul/moon food automatic encrusting machine with lowest value

2. Fully automated holder machine is suitable for food businesses of level production, automated discharging gear can steer clear of the destruction or contaminants yourself prior to the item is not cooked, and can reach foods personal hygiene specifications .

3. The Holder Organizing Machine is probably the backed machines of Maamoul, Mooncake or Bun&Pastry manufacturing line.

4. The machine is primarily found in construction lin e to arrange products into cooking containers.

5. It is actually placed on agreement of Maamoul, Moon Cake, Cookie, Pastry, Pumpkin Cake, Spouse Pie and Steamed Packed Bun.

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