Automatic door packing machine and door shrinking machine

Following is answer for the door packaging machine with packing material information per inquiry.

Well noted. Thank you very much.
1. Regarding the shrink wrap for door packaging (2.3m), you may also search for it in our Chinese market. It is easy to be found, even up to 3m and it won’t be very expensive.
2. We also have come up with another two door shrinking and sealing solutions for your reference:
Note: Those two solutions require lengthways feed-in mode.
Solutions 1: Store 3 shrink film rolls on the sealing machine. So it will be easy for you installing and choosing correct film size when running the machine.
Solutions 2: Two side cutters for cutting redundant film and sealing, so that have a nice door package. But the price for this machine will be higher than the one we quoted.
Please feel free to contact us for anything.
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