Automatic corraguated hose winder and strapping machine

The automatic hose winer for coil making ans strapping.

Actually, for the Automatic corraguated hose winder solution, what infomation required is following:
1. How opeartor handlinng the coil: by crane or by forkman?
2. How to loading the coil to the wrapping machine?
3. How to pack the coil and unlaoding?  The picture of coil before packing and pictures of coil before delivery.
4. What is the packaging area layout?
So, if possible, provide the above answers with picturer will help to provide a proper Automatic corraguated hose winder  solution.
By the way, if customer looking for the coil packing and coil stacking, the best way is horizontal coil packing line.
The engineer visiting is possible after have the rougly corraguated hose winder solution both agree.
Do you have Wechat? So that you can show the information required to us when you visiting the customer’s factory.
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