automatic coiling machine

Coiling machine technical requirements

Configuration: active pay-off unit, accumulator + dancer, coiling machine, storage conveyer (accumulation conveyor)

Requirements to active pay-off:
1)Pay-off drum: Ø630-1400 mm
2)Drum’s width (barrel length): 450-1000 (1200) mm
3)Drum’s weight: мах 3000 kg

Requirements to accumulator + dancer:
1)Volume: not less than 60 meters
2)Controlled tension: 5-30 kg
3)grooves on pulleys (rollers) for cable diameter: 2-25 mm

Requirements to coiling machine:
1)Inner diameter of coil: 150-250 mm – changeable.
2)Max. outer diameter of coil: 450 mm.
3)Coil height: 35-300 mm – changeable.
4)Coil’s weight: to 50 kg.
5)Cable diameter: 2-20 mm.
6)Coil winging speed: мах 200 m/min
7)Capacity: max. 2 coils per minute.
8)Cutting knife should cut cable with the total cross-section 30 mm2 (copper) without any problems.
9)Function – winding of the coil with stretch film or stripping with PP tape should be provide in the machine.
10)There must be a shrink oven in the line.
11)The storage conveyor should place 10 coils (not less) in a staggered arrangement.

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