Automatic coiling machine and coiler

Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
Automatic coiler for hose and pipe

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1)      单个铜管规格:

Copper Tube OD nominal (mm) wall thickness (mm)
Min 4.00 0.50
Max 8.00 0.70

Note: The above details of minimum OD and minimum thickness of covers our maximum/complete volume but sometime we may need to do the coiling of below mentioned sizes, for which volume may be very less, so the winding machine should also have the provision of below sizes:

OD x Thickness

8.00 x 1.00

10.00 x 0.70

10.00 x 1.00


1.    Coil ID – 800mm

2.    Coil OD – Max 1050mm

3.    Coil Length – Max 5000 mtr (Tube size 4.00mm ~ 4.76mm)

4.    Coil Length – Max 2100 mtr (Tube size above 4.76mm ~8.00mm)

5.    Coil height – It will depend on coil length

Our capacity is around 4 million meter tube per month.


Hose coiler

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