Automatic coil stacking system for palletizing and packing

Coil stackign machine
Coil stackign machine
Coil stacking system in packaging line
Coil stacking system in packaging line


Multicoil (welding line)
 Review of construction drawings :
• The vacuum production and tank in coil stacking system will be place on the top of crane unit and move together.
• Now it is not possible to see on drawing the composition of vacuum plant production
• Deep discussion regarding the vacuum ring diameter which are now clear respect to the technical specification and to the proposed dimensions from shjlpack, at the end the final shape of GASKET rings will be, considering external dia of coils 1500 mm :
1st sector from 450 mm dia to 640 mm dia
2nd sector from 680 mm dia to 850 mm dia
3nd sector from 890 mm dia to 1120 mm dia
4th sector from 1170 mm dia to 1350 mm dia
• Confirm that we need the inside the vacuum plate the coils finger to keep the first strip row as per KME Drawings already delivered.
• In case of electricity fault the autonomy of vacuum clamp will be ensured in 5 min.

• movement of crane is confirmed as the coil stacking system technical specification.
• The sliding movement of the plate support will be modified adding some antifriction bushes and make it longer (at least 200 mm)
• Is confirmed the needing of one weighing system of 5000 Kg under the receiving platform.
• Weighing system with RS232 sock



stretch film and paper for coil packaging in this automatic control system?

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