automatic coil stacking machine

Coil stackign machine
Coil stacking machine


More information:

1. Auto stacking system

After cutting, all types of panel shall be moved by high speed conveyor to idle conveyor.
The slight beaded wall panel and deep beaded wall panel shall be stacked on another idle conveyor
which is parallel installed.
The stacking works are vacuuming , hanging up, cross moving, hanging down and releasing
vacuum stacking machine.
The corrugated roof panel shall be 180 degree turn-over every 2 panels and stacked

for saving transportation volume.
Stacker (Saddle) : 1set
-Speed Conveyor A(Acceleration) : 1set
-Speed conveyor B (Accumulation) : 1set
-Turn over Conveyor : 1set
-Stacking conveyor : 1set
-Panel Stacking Dimension (LxWxH) : 15,000x1100x1500mm
Electric Power : Total 10Kw
1. 380v x 50Hz x 4p for operation  
2. 220v x 50Hz for control  


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