automatic coil packaging line with coil strapping machine

steel coil strapping machine
copper coil strapping machine, aluminum coil strapping machine

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Re:  Requirements for Wrap Around Packaging Machine/ SystemSupplier’s queries:1. Rope coil condition prior to wrapping and manner of loading coil into the packing machine:Whether made from synthetic or natural fiber, rope coil is secured with 8 plastic straps prior to wrapping. (refer to photo for sample 4 straps) Rope Coil shall be laid flat during wrapping, as shown in the photo.2.   Detailed requirements for the conveyor:Powered Conveyor. Capacity and width shall be based on the biggest coil as shown in the table below (highlighted in yellow). Exact length of conveyor will follow, after we finalize the location as well as the exact dimension of the machine that you will offer.3. Option whether the machine can be fully automatic or semi automatic.We prefer the fully automatic with PLC & HMI control, powered roller conveyor and film feeding & cutting mechanical hand. Other requirements/ queries:1.  Rope coil Size and Weight Range and corresponding rate of wrapping.Rope SizeLengthWeightOutside Dia. or WidthHeightWidth of Film WrappingApprox. Wrapping time per Coil, in secondsmmmkgmmmmmm1 Layer Wrap2 Layers wrap3 Layers Wrap1422021451360    1622025470368    1822036533406    2022043580432    2222049613457    1466050625457    2422061635457    1566058667457    1666066673508    2422059680457    2622067705457    1766075711508    2822078718508    1866085756508    3022088762508    3222098840508    36220123864610    161320140870610    2. Can the automatic coil packing machine handle different width of film wrapping?. If so, please provide the corresponding width of film wrapping in the table above. 3.  Please also provide the approximate wrapping time per coil for each no. of layer. Refer to table above.4.  What are the different types of film packaging materials that can be used or accommodated by the machine and if these are widely available in the market?5. What are the different thicknesses of film and no. of packaging layers needed to a) support the weight of the coil during stacking and handling, and b) prevent the film from tearing or getting punctured while the coil is being handled/ moved?6.  Does the fully automatic version of the machine have a lifter or loader that will load the heavy coils on to the conveyor?

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