Automatic CD PIPE coiler,corrugated pipe coiling machine

AUTOMATIC CD pipe coiler


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Automatic CD PIPE coiler price is only EXW.
We also need CE certificate for the machine, since we are buying it for Europe (CZ). ——OK
The pipe coiler packing speed is also not mentioned. – How long from putting one coil on the conveyor, until it is finished on the point of pick up? —–The wrapping speed is 18-25sec/coil. If including the loading and unloading, One coil is app. 25-33sec/coil
There is no mention about safety stops, that stop the packing immediately (and continue coiling and packing right where it left off, once the machine is switched on again). —–Safety stop is “Emergency stop” which included in the offer.
Also a fence would be appropriate for the automatic coiler, to keep anyone away from the moving parts…—-The fences included. All moving parts will be covered in the shield and the fences for keep people away from the wrapping station.



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