automatic aluminum profile stacking packing machine

No.1 Machine (printer)


Transfer belt   Infeeding & outfeeding table   Printer       Stacking machine                Out feeding table for big bundle


No. 2 Machine  (manual packaging)




aper Puller       Free roller table           Stacking machine           Stretch film machine         Out-feeding table


Question: Paper puller along this machine (adjusted to use 2 polyethylene film of 620mm width and 30 to 60 um thick)

1. Do you mean paper puller both working for paper and PE film. What is the paper width?  1400mm?

2. What is 2 PE film for? Can you show me the pictures or video?

3. Where is the paper/PE film? It is place above each layer of aluminum profile?


Two stretch film strapping to be localted one of them at 1m at the left of the center of the table and the other 1m at the right.

For catching this goal, we will choose one film strapping machine which is able strapping the bundle according the position seeting.


No.3 Machine (automated wrapping)


Queations:  Where is the position of the automatic wrapping machine?

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