Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Good day.
We had suppied a similar machine per your need.
“The packing line must contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. ”
This is the automatic aluminum profile packing solution including, small bundle strapping, bundle stacker, master bundle wrapper.

For taping machine: i ‘d like to know, tapping for what? for the packing of the master bundle?

Weighing system: it is OK.

Before offering a quotation, i’d like to know following information.

1. Min.&Max. Size of the profile(small bundle): LxWxH
2. Min.&Max. Size of the bundle(master bundle): LxWxH

If possible, please provide the roughly drawing shows your aluminum profile packaging process and packaging goal.

It will help us a lot to understanding your need.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper for aluminum packing

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