Automatic aluminum profile bundling and strapping machinery

Good morning.

– the packaging line you need is for painted / anodized or raw profiles? It would only be for crude profiles.

– how many profiles per hour? 999.16 profiles per hour.- These data are the average of profiles packed per hour for 5 months

– what is the minimum / maximum dimension and weight of the profile? Minimum (7.93mm wide x 7.93mm high). Maximum (225mm wide x 170mm high). Weight between 0.354kg and 21.792kg.

– What type of packaging is required? We mainly look for packaging that covers the visible faces of the profiles. We are willing to listen to proposals.

– what is the space available? Attached Lay out Raw packing area. The space available is enclosed in the red rectangle (it is an approximate one).


Horizontal stretch wrapper for aluminum

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