Automatic Aluminum coil stretch wrapper and packaging system

Aluminum coil packing machine
Aluminum coil packing machine



Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Equipment:
Motorized Tip Table: Positioning of tip is maintained during the casting operation, allowing flexible operation.
Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Rolls: Caster cores are specially treated to lower the corrosion and deformation in the grooves. After the shell and core are combined via shrink fitting; turning and grinding operations are performed on the caster rolls.
Graphite Spraying System: Fully automated spraying system can be offered if requested.
Pinch-roll, Flying Shear, Winder and Coil car units are manufactured in harmony with the caster line properties.
Edge Milling is offered to provide smooth edges of the strip which would reduce the edge trimming operation in other processes.


The furnaces produced are related to Aluminum profile packing Industry. For continuous strip casting, billet casting, slab casting or any other related aluminum casting operation manufactures Melting, Holding Furnaces. Annealing furnaces are manufactured for aluminum coil or foil heat treatment processes. Charging cars and launder equipments can be supplied as well.
Melting furnaces is where the ingots are melted for any casting operation. The burner capacities are high enabling 1,5 – 7 mton ingot per hour to be melted in the furnace. These furnaces can be stationary type or tilting type. The molten aluminum bath capacity of the furnaces that Factory manufactured has been up to 60 mtons. According to the preference of the customer, furnaces can be supplied with regenerative burners, cold air burners or duel-fuel firing burners from various burner manufacturers.
HOLDING FURNACES of the aluminum packing system:
Holding furnaces are where the molten aluminum is transferred for more controlled operation. Holding furnaces are not mandatory for some of the casting operations, for billet or slab casting, casting can be done from directly melting furnace. Aluminum alloying can be done in holding furnaces. In addition level control in the launder prior to casting can be controlled from the holding furnace. These furnaces can be as well stationary type or tilting type. In any operation that requires a fast and steady casting operation, tilting furnaces are preferred. According to the preference of the customer, holding furnaces can be supplied with various types of burners for various fuels available.

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