Auto Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine

1) Auto Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine,Pallet Wrapping Machine

2) Tailored design and style

3) Special for Large products

Intelligent Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine,Pallet Wrapping Machine, Heat Shrink Tunnel

Pallet shrink wrapping machine with shrink

——– Pallet is not only wrapped by stretching , if you want your package more valuable , shrink wrapping is a best choice !

Why would you use shrink wrap ?

This pallet shrink wrapping machine is specific intended for pallet wrapping by shrink kind.

If pallet wrapped by PE shrink film keeps the pallet strongly enough with the package on the pallet then it can protect the package from damage , water-proof & dust-proof , keep it neat , PE shrink film is stronger & stretchy after shrinking .

Value added !

How does the system functions ?

A shrink tunnel conveyor by electrical managed . Delivers the pakcage with pallet towards the shrink tunnel , when they step out the shrink tunnel , the task has completed . very easy , right ?

Application: Fits for entry doors, curtain frames, windows, floors and ladders and many others;

l Closing speed is perfectly up to 15meter each and every minute for quick and productive creation;

l The blade with Teflon treatment method can put up with great temperatures without the need of attaching;

l Securing and cutting system with continuous temperatures helps to make the securing straight, firm and beautiful;

l Bannerphotocell registers the item delivery service accurately;

l The machine is true one of the most advanced Siemens PLC associated with touch screen ensure that the accurate measures;

l Spend film trying to recycle system produces a safe and clean manufacturing surroundings;

l Heat going around shrink tunnel employs stainless heating system components that may guarantee long life span; the getting smaller conveyor and temperature rate are adaptable;

l Conveyor system of shrink tunnel has Teflon fine mesh type or rod-designed sequence kind for the solution;

l All the switches are Siemens;

l The machine satisfies for packing lengthy merchandise with limitless size; advanced level of automation may be popular in size generation;

l The concluded items are suitable, compact and neat for storage and extended transport.

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