Auto coil Stacker and wrapper

Aluminum foil box creation coil packaging line has been developed and designed for an enhanced version to make light weight aluminum foods dishes, trays and containers. The operating pace of stretch wrapping machine is 50-75 computers/minutes (with 1 cavity form), and its particular velocity is dependent upon box?ˉs size and complexity. It might be provided with multi- cavity moulds. Light weight aluminum foil pot production line CTJF-60T consists of the followings: Decoiler (with the vehicle-lubricator) Electric powered manage panel Oxygen productivity manage products 60 ton pneumatic click Form Automobile-stacker or conveyor (which includes scrap collector) Collection workplace.

Major Capabilities:

(1) This production line can work immediately. Staff member manage and control this production line via electronic control gear.

(2) The width of decoiler is all about 550mm.

(3) The serving process manage giving span and stepping by personal computer, whicwhich ensure a higher-precision steps.

(4) We can design and produce diverse machines on require. There is some variation in machine?ˉs exterior-visual appeal.

(5) The press may be built with single cavity or multiple-cavity moulds for wrinkle-wall surface or clean-wall structure container production. The functioning flow of aluminum foil coil packaging machine: Aluminium foil roll —decoiler—atmosphere output manage products—60T pneumatic hit—mould—car-stacker or conveyor— assortment desk.

Aspects of Line

Components of manufacturing line:

1. Auto-moisturized Foil Feeder

2. Length Controller

3. Seimens Control Panel

4. Pneumatic Push

5. Automatic coil Stacker

Positive aspects

1. Simple working and controling

2. Substantial efficiency and quality

3. Very good after sales services

4. Very competitive value

Following-Sales Service

1. Technicians offered to services coil wrapping machinery abroad.

2. We can easily give intermship assistance and enable you to teach

operator and machine.

3. CHOCTAEK offers a continuous technical assistance to secure the end user, taking care of installation stages, assessments and constant maintenance help of the coil packaging machines.

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