aspect frames upender repair requirements

In order to solve the above problems, the utility of new upenders are, [0007]: automobile restoration change side frame upender equipment, comprising a base, stated basic is installed on the chassis, the chassis is installed travel electric motor, the push The energy output of the motor with varied rate drive signifies associated with mentioned output terminal from the transmitting energy stage is provided by using a energy result shaft, mentioned potential result shaft is placed on both finishes of top to bottom change horizontal left arm, the horizontal arm established a turn two aspect frame pit to improve into the part frame strut, mentioned strut is attached to one side body aside framework strut securing left arm in explained turn part structure strut transverse securing product, two Underlying explained area frame strut with the area framework sealing product.

[0008] As being a recommended upender, explained transmitting signifies features a traveling motor unit of said energy result terminal attached to the generate transmission, the energy result terminal in the transmitting gearbox is linked to the worm products generate.

[0009] As a recommended upender, said worm gear and said transmission items signifies comprises a power productivity terminal associated with a worm push, the worm gear meshes using the worm.

[0010] Like a preferred upender, stated area framework strut comprises sealing implies disposed from the aspect body strut and in between mentioned locking left arm upender the palm tire.

[0011] Like a recommended upender, explained locking implies includes side frames placed on said side structure strut and the part picture frames related for the securing attach opening.

[0012] As a result of the above upenders, vehicle repair flip side frame upender machine comprises a base, said base is mounted on the chassis, the chassis mounting a drive motor, the drive motor is connected to a drive power output terminal a shifting means, said output of the transmission power level is provided with power output shaft, said power output shaft is mounted on both ends of vertical flip horizontal arm, the upender arm of the cross has two packages, extends to the side frame The side frame strut hole, said side frame strut is mounted on the side frame of said locking strut arm in said flip side frame strut transverse locking means, said two side frame strut locking means provided on the side frame; side frame according to the size of the adjusted position of the side frame strut, using the side frames of the side frame strut strut locking means positioning the workpiece placed into the side frame strut and the use-side frame locking device for positioning the workpiece locking; startup drive motor, drive motor through the transmission control arm rotate flip, flip side frame strut wishbone driven rotating drive side frame side frame strut rotate side to achieve the flexibility and freedom to adjust The purpose of frame; The utility model can make flip side frame 360 ? ?levels of liberty, to fulfill the upender fix needs, boost the efficiency and quality of upender maintenance to ensure the safety of running workers, producing significant financial rewards.

[0013] Description OF DRAWINGS

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