application of automatic stretch wrapper

Product alias packing power of 5 (Kw) base type container uses a variety of domestic and foreign cases comprehensive packing machine features, in order to adapt to the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, a new generation of automatic packing machine is the latest development of the successful. The application range is wide, covers an area of small, reliable performance, simple operation, automatic horizontal stretch wrapper packing is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, salt, food industries such as soft plastic packaging materials and all kinds of bagged products. – packing system according to the carton and packing material used by customer specifications and regulation, customers do not have to because the application of automatic stretch wrapper  packing system but also the production of cardboard boxes, reducing the use cost; – packing speed, stacking neat, the packing system of loading capacity in the process of actual use of more than 130 pack per minute, in the leading position in the domestic. Using a crawler type exhaust, clip bag shaping, oscillation science box and so on many patent technology, makes the packaging material in high-speed packing carton size is too small, and under the condition of stacking to tidy. The machine model Fhope-03 power / power 380V50/60HZ5KW carton applicable L200-500*W200-500*H150-450mm packing speed of 70-130 bags / minute single / dual source packing method using 6-7kg machine size 2500*2000*1750mm
Electric packing machine is intelligent automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packing machine a, adopting high speed dispensing device packaging containers, packaging plastic bottle, round bottle, irregular shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round, oval, square bottle bottle cans and paper cans, also suitable for packing box with a baffle plate. The bottle holder (built-in rubber, to prevent injury bottle bottle) (2 per box), into the open the carton, when scratching their heads up, will be discharged and sent to the carton, carton sealing machine, the machine adopts P.L.C and touch screen control. A lack of bottle stopping alarm, no bottle no packing safety device. The invention greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce production and labor intensity, scale of automated production horizontal stretch wrapper equipment is essential.
– according to the stretch wrapper packing requirements, can automatically wash arrange the products.
– the design is novel, the structure is compact.
– wide application range, can be applied to a variety of product packing.
– especially suitable for being matched with a packaging line, easy to move.
– computer program control, simple operation, stable movement.
– like bottles, boxes bags, barrels series.

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