application model relates to an 90 degree coil down upender

The distance swap I as well as the revolving hard drive in accordance with the center of along side it from the distance move at the end in the revolving II and disk related towards the placement, the rotary call towards the nearness switch I is transferred to the rotating plate nearness swap II, direction variation of 90 ??.

[0006] The application version has the following beneficial effects: using these specialized remedy, not only during the procedure of the utility design is easy, and might reduce effort power.


[0007] Physique 1 is actually a schematic structural take a look at the utility version.

Thorough Explanation [0008] In Body 1, the utility model offers a completely programmed remote control flick the upender machine, which include downhill a cylinder

3, flip and 2 rail main entire body, whereby a part top of the lower rail 3 of the ramp 1, one particular conclusion of the rail 3 a tube (2), the reduced section of the tube 2, the inlet 10 found a solenoid device 9, the cylinder 2 as well as the glide 3 is coupled to the drive, another stop of the rail 3 a turning upender machine primary entire body, the flick fellow member 11 carries a bracket, the bracket 11 is provided by using a rotatable spinning plate 4, rotary disc 4 is associated with a control, the revolving hard drive 4 is linked to the roll axis 5, the sides from the rotary disc 4 is supplied with a sensor attach 8, along side it of your rotary disc 4 features a nearness change I 6, the turning disc 4 the middle of a nearness change II 7, if the revolving drive 4 is transferred to the nearness move sensing attach 8 I 6, the detector attach 8 and the corresponding closeness swap I 6, as soon as the turning hard drive 4 is transferred to the nearness swap sensing attach 8 II 7, the attach 8 and the proximity sensor move II 7 matches the closeness change and also the rotary disk 4 I 6 intermediate place in the aspect opposing the distance move II 7 in the bottom in the revolving drive 4 corresponding to the situation, the spinning hard drive 4 Go I 6 ê± nearness move as well as the closeness swap rotary disc 4 II 7 Proceed to the perspective distinction of 90 ??, distance changes and proximity switches I 6 II 7 correspondingly linked with the electromagnetic control device 9, wheel roll through the underside for the glide ramp I 3, the controller handles the rotation in the rotating drive 4, when the rotating disk 4 is transferred to the closeness move sensing screw 8 I 6, the proximity change I 6 starts the solenoid device 9, the solenoid control device 9 is energized to look at the inlet of your cylinder 2, Wide open the gasoline tube 2 tube 2 force push 3 spool shaft 5 is moved to turnover, spin disc 4 by turning driven spool shaft 5 rotates when spinning hard drive 4 90 ?? rotation, the nearness swap II 7 Close up the solenoid control device 9, gas off of instantly returns on the authentic position push 3, the personnel will be the word spherical shovel apart. The complete procedure should get off of the forklift staff, basically click a control may be.

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