application model of steel upender designing

7. A upender machine from the character defined comprising, in combo, a pairof grippers attached to interact with opposite edges of an write-up, a couple of biceps and triceps in the comes to an end which the respective ed, a shaft getting oppositely threaded amounts which said hands are attached, mentioned arms’ getting inside threaded )disciplines to engage correspondingly with all the threa ed servings of explained shaft, path for spinning explained shaft wherein mentioned rotative activity is operative to force said biceps and triceps toward and from one another, and method for limitin the swinging movement of mentioned hands on stated shaft.

8. A upender machine of your persona defined comprising, in blend, rippers to en gage complete opposite aspects of an artic e, as well as a single operatlng mechanism for moving stated grippers into and out of gripping proposal with the opposite edges of mentioned post and also for raising and lowering mentioned grippers to raise andlo’wer the content.

9. A upender machine from the character defined comprising, in combo, grippers to take part complete opposite aspects of your write-up, one particular working process for shifting explained grippers into gripping’engagement together with the complete opposite aspects of stated artic e and then for raising said grippers to boost this content, and an automobile van on which stated running device and grippers are attached.

10. A upender machine from the figure explained comprising, in blend, two grippers grippers are pivotally position;

for grasping a write-up between the two, two,

biceps and triceps 011 which mentioned grippers respectively are pivoted, process for operatin explained forearms to move said grippers towar and from the other person as well as to increase and minimize said hands, and really acting methods to support stated forearms within a predetermined elevation.

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