application model of hydraulic upender designing

4. A upender machine of the character described comprising, in combo, grippers to take part complete opposite ends of any report, arms pivotand means operating through mentioned forearms to go stated grippers toward and from each other and also to raise and lower stated gri pers.

5. A: upender machine the type detailed comprising, in combination, some grippers attached to engage op osite ends of your article, some arms’on t e ends that the individual grippers are ivotally installed, a shaft experiencing opposite y threaded portions which stated forearms are mounted, mentioned biceps and triceps getting inside threaded parts to participate correspondingly using the threaded servings of said shaft, and means for spinning mentioned shaft.

6. A upender machine of the persona defined comprising, in combo, a couple of grippers installed to participate opposing edges of your report, a pair of hands on t e’ends that the respective grippers are mounted, a shaft getting positely threaded. ortions which sai biceps and triceps are installed, explained arms experiencing inside threaded components to participate correspondingly using the-threaded servings of mentioned s aft, 9. electric motor, and worm gearing contacts in between said motor and mentioned shaft for spinning the shaft.

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