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4. Grasp the 1″?á61/2″ paper/film/document example sandwich among thumb and forefinger around 1 conclusion. Piece approximately 1/2″ of the film past the finishes of the paper. Usually do not difficult sample test surface area with fingers (part that is in touch with the paper).

5. With all the fresh paint clean in the contrary, put the end from the film example directly on the horizontal tag at the top of the incline with the ends in between the two parallel collections pulled about the incline.

6. Set the film trial with papers continue to in position lower between the two parallel outlines to find out regardless of if the example was located squarely on the top. Protecting a square reduce around the trial stop will help get rid of this problem.

7. Pull up the sample and reposition following step 5 if the sample does not appear to fall within the lines without wrinkling. If sample is not positioned properly after three attempts, Discard sample and recut.

8. After the example is positioned squarely, brush the sample conclusion straight down with modest strain. Knowledge the contrary end from the pieces of paper that is laying between the parallel outlines and slowly and gradually move the papers outside the film subsequent it at the opposite end with all the clean to ensure excellent get in touch with in between the trial surface areas (utilize average, consistent strain on the brush and never re-brush the example).

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