analysis of the packaging problems

According to the analysis of the above problems, we can know, equipment failure in the measurement error in terms of the problem, should first distinguish is static or dynamic error error, according to the fault situation of the field show, solutions with the working principle of the equipment for the corresponding. Such as:
1, as long as the replacement of a batch of material is to modify a control parameter can be used for normal metering control work, the situation can be summarized as the dynamic error, because the material causes. If the replacement of material varieties are not the same for varieties of PACKAGING materials should be set independently working class group separately control. If it is the same variety replacement of different batches of words should check whether the whether the material in the process of replacement density, liquidity has changed. If there should be to carry on the investigation to the direction of.
2, work of a few times have to re set the control parameters in order to continue to work. This is the phenomenon of dynamic error. Because of the same material the same batch, so generally do not appear to flow density, proportion, change. After exclusion of each component of fault should be to check the measurement mechanism and a bag clamping mechanism of the existence of the phenomenon of sticky material, because of sticky material will make the measurement of materials can not be completely emptied or the next quantitative together when shorting, causing the error.
3, the replacement of varieties of materials will be re quantization calibration to work correctly. This kind of situation can be classified into static error, should check whether the material is different and because the liquidity stress change generated gravity center offset makes the sensor produces a disequilibrium phenomenon of formation of angle difference in enters the measuring barrel, whether it is because of the different materials, the air content resulted from the change of negative air pressure change impact force sensor unbalanced forming angle difference.
4, to replace the material or replace the measurement target value after the emergence of error, the need to re run only after the use of quantitative calibration. This situation will arise static error or dynamic error in two cases.
(1) static error: the static error is caused by different material properties are also different, measuring target value for different amount of accumulation of the material into the measuring barrel is also different, in these cases, the center of gravity of its material enters the measuring barrel also will shift phenomenon and stress point shift to sensor generates angle difference phenomenon.
(2) the dynamic error: because of the different materials, the proportion is different. The air quantity produced by different target value (column) are also different. So these conditions affect the calculation of slow addition amount in advance by the proportion of air volume (volume or column) material weight change and cause measurement error.

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