Aluminum profile packing machine with horizontal stretch wrapper

Since we need these parts very badly, we are going to bring them by courier. In order to apply for courier delivery, the value must be less than U$ 1,000, so, we are going to remove two guide wheels from the order. (19 instead of 21; total amount to be 992, instead of 1,048).

Other issue we need to solve (it happened already on the last order) is that the Bank account company name must match exactly the name of the selling Company, so you need to modify one of them

Thanks and please send us the new Proforma with modifications as soon as possible.

We produce the full line machines for stator and armature manufacturing, such as needle winding machine, armature winding machine, slot paper inserting machine, commutator hotstacking machine, commutator turning machine, coil winding machine, stator winding machine, coil inserting machine, forming machine, lacing machine, etc.

Apart from the horizontal stretch wrapper machinery, we also supply motor components, such as commutator, ball bearing, magnet, thermal protecter, insulation paper, sleeves, etc.

We directly and indirectly supply our machines to more than 50 countries, We sincerely wish there is a chance to be of service, make your work easier and reduce your cost!

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