Aluminum packing machine automatic line solution

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And we had provided similar aluminum profile packing  machine equipment too.

The aluminum profiles which are extruded in a length of around 140 to 200 feet are being transferred on a roller conveyor which moves the profiles towards the cutting machine. The width of the roller conveyor is 1.0 to 1.2 meters, which means around 40 – 60 profiles moves together on roller conveyor. This material gets cut in a standard length of 12 to 20 feet as per customers’ requirement. After cutting, these profiles need to be inspected for any physical damage / defects / quality issues.

——I think you already have this kind of machine. We don’t have aluminum cutting machine.

After inspection, these profiles are taken out from the main roller conveyor bed by using transfer conveyor, which is required so that the main roller conveyor line work should not get stopped.
—–Can you make a roughly draw about cutting to transfer conveyor

People standing on both the sides of roller conveyor, fix the profiles and arrange in bundle form of around 20 – 25 kgs. Normally, workers know how many pieces are required to be packed for a particular profile. After packing & tying the bundles with rayon cord, the bundles are transferred into the baskets along with spacers. The idea of putting spacer is to avoid any scratches due to physical contact / rubbing of bundles each other. Once the baskets are filled with the material, they move for the next process.
For the entire above process after cutting till the bundles are loaded into the baskets, we want automatic systems so that we can minimize manpower and improve efficiency of working. spacer feeder+film covering+wrapping manually feeding+sub-bundel strapping+wrapping+big bundel making+wrapping.

“fix the profiles and arrange in bundle form of around 20 – 25 kgs”

—–Please let me have the size of the bundle: WxH

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