Aluminum packing line and coil upender


coil upender
Aluminum coil tilter and coil upender, Prfessional manufacturer

Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Slab thickness range from 300mm to 720mm
 Strip width range from 600mm to 2200mm
 Strip gauge from 10mm to 3mm
 Coil weight up to 25 ton
 Rolling speed up to 480m/min
 Mill power up to10000kw
 Loading force up to 45000KN
Equipment Parameter
 AC frequency drive or DC drive for main motors and coiler motors.
 Electro-mechanical screw-down and fine hydraulic adjusting
 Thickness gauge
 Sectional lubrication and cooling spraying
 Positive and negative roll bending system
 Efficient roll brushes
 Universal foil rolling mills for the strip thickness range of 0.7 mm – 6 μm and low tonnages
 Foil roughing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.7 mm – 0.02 mm
Foil intermediate mills with strip thicknesses between 0.08 mm – 0.01 mm
Foil finishing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.05 mm – 0.006 mm
Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Strip thickness range from 0.7m-2×0.006mm
 Strip width range up to 2150 mm
 Rolling speeds up to 1500 m/min
 Coil weight up to 25ton
Equipment Parameter
 Mill power up to 1500KW
 Loading force up to 8000KN
 Hydraulic AGC system
 AFC system for automatic flatness control
 Roll cooling systems
 Mill automation system

Steel tube packing and strapping machine
Aluminum tube packing and strapping machine

Tube packaging system manufactures twin roll continuous strip casters lines. A feasible and optimum process is suggested according to the needs of the customer. Tube system can offer horizontal or tilting designed continuous casting line.
Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Line includes:
– Charging Car
– Melting furnace
– Holding furnace
– Launder Equipments
– Ti-bor Unit
– Degasser
– Filter Box
– Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster (Standard (VIG-S) or VIG Colossal Caster (VIG-C)



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