aluminum coil stretch wrapper and packing machine

aluminum coil stretch wrapper
Aluminum coil packing machine, aluminum coil stretch wrapper

More information:


a. Overall layout size

The dimensions of the space available for the installation of the two facilities are:

L x l = 103.000 x 30.000 mm

b. Available utilities

Power network:                               380 V, 50 Hz

Natural gas network:                      Plant network pressure = 2 bar

Water:                                            Industrial water

Argon Station:                                   Network pressure = 6 bar

Chlorine:                                        Cylinder pressure = 200 bar

Compressed air:                            6 bar

Ambient temperature:             3 – 40°C



a. Charge  

The coils casting facility shall cast strip of aluminium and aluminium alloys produced from electrolytic metal + aluminium/ aluminium alloy strapping machine scrap, min 50% of the melting furnace capacity.


b. Types of alloy

The types of alloy intended to be cast on the facility are alloys of 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx series.


Alloy 1xxx 3xxx 5xxx 8xxx
1. 1050A 3003 5005 8006
2. 1100 3004 5050 8011A
3. 1200 3005   8079
4. 1235 3103    
5.   3105    


The chemical composition of these alloys observes the applicable international standards.



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