aluminum coil packing by stretch film and VCI film


aluminum coil stretch wrapper
Aluminum coil packing machine, aluminum coil stretch wrapper

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c. Facility components

The strip casting facility shall comprise the following components:

  • Charging machine
  • Melting furnace
  • Holding/ casting furnaces
  • Metal transfer launders system
  •  Grain refining system AlTiB
  • Liquid metal degassing system
  • Liquid metal filtering system
  • Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster


  1. Twin Roll Continuous aluminum coil Strip Caster minimum requirements

Twin Roll Continuous aluminum coil  Strip Caster shall comprise the following components:

  • Casting housing (including tip table) with hydraulic gap control (AGC)
  • Tip and roll preheating equipment
  • Roll cooling system
  • Roll spraying system
  • Strip edge milling equipment
  • Pinch rolls
  • Travelling shear
  • Deflector roll unit
  • Threading tables
  • Coiler with push-off plate
  • Coil car for coil removal
  • Coil weighing equipment and aluminum strapping machine
  • Coil packaging equipment
  • High pressure and auxiliary hydraulic power units
  • Process control and SCADA system for aluminum coil stretch wrapper.
  • Metal temperature reading system before and after the solidification
  • No-contact liquid metal level control system, with ±1.0 mm accuracy
  • Traversing X-ray profile and thickness measurement gauge (optional)
  • Capacity to store the process parameters from the PLC to a data base.


The casting line shall be equipped with sensors and actuators monitoring and controlling the entire process in terms of: metal level, process/ water temperature, casting/ roll speed, pressure, metal level/ water flow, torque etc.

All the control/ monitoring/ regulation instrumentation shall be accompanied by their calibration certificates as per the applicable international standards.

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