Aluminum coil packaging system with strapping machine


aluminum coil stretch wrapper
Aluminum coil packing machine, aluminum coil stretch wrapper


a. Melting furnace

  • Capacity: 40 tons;
  • Pieces: 1;
  • Tiltable;
  • Automatic burners control system depending on the metal bath temperature;
  • Metal bath temperature reading and monitoring equipment;
  • Gas fired;
  • Combustion – burner system able to provide:
  • Packaging material: stretch film, VCI film

–          low fuel consumption;

–          melting rate ensuring the casting flow;

  • Gas/ fumes exhaust hood;
  • Door sealing system.


b. Holding/ casting furnace

  • Capacity: 20 tons;
  • Pieces: 2
  • Tiltable;
  • Combustion – burner system able to provide low fuel consumption;
  • Automatic burners aluminum coil packaging system control system depending on the metal bath temperature;
  • Gas fired;
  • Door sealing system.

Note: items a) and b) will be decided by the suppliers in order to ensure the maximum productivity of the strip continuous casters


c. Transfer launders system

  • Lined with good insulating material.
  • Consisting of removable sections for easy maintenance/ repairing.
  • Covered to ensure temperature uniformity and to limit heat loss.


d. Grain refining system AlTiB

  • Automatic AlTiB wire rod infeed speed control


e. Liquid metal degassing system

  • Capacity and parameters able to provide H2 = max.0,15ml/100g liquid in the cast strip, when measured with Alscan


f. Filtering system

  • Filter box lined with good insulating material, made of sections and covered
  • Cover fitted with filter heating equipment
  • Filter parameters able to provide a maximum inclusions level of 0,05 mm2/kg in the cast strip, when measured by Podfa method.
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