Aluminum coil packaging system for rolling mill

Rolling Mills
– Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills
– Aluminum Hot Rolling Mills
– Aluminum Foil Rolling Mills
 Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster
– Aluminum Continuous Caster
– Magnesium Continuous Caster
 Industrial Furnaces
– Melting Furnaces
– Holding Furnaces
– Annealing Furnaces
– Launder Equipments
– Charging Cars
 Modernization of the used equipment

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine, aluminum packing machine

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COLD ROLLING MILLS: Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills the facilities to process material that has been processed by hot mill or continuous caster and following numerous rolling actions.Aluminum Group mainly involved in the many cold rolling mill modernization projects in Turkey and lately manufactured its own design cold mill at VIG Metal Kütahya Plant (4 hi Non-Reversible Cold Mill – W:1600)
Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Strip thickness range from 8mm – 0.2mm
 Strip width range from 600mm to 2200mm
 Coil weight up to 25ton
Equipment Parameter
 Rolling speed up to 1200 m/min
 Rolling force 7000 – 20000 KN
 Reduction: 30% – 60%
 Mill power up to 5000KW
 AFC system for automatic flatness control
The commissioned its preused (Robertson 60” 1968) Hot Mill located in Plant. In order to modernize the line, a pinch-roll unit, coiler mandrel, belt wrapper and coil car has been added to the line. The total conveyor length is also increased. Aluminum coil manufactures hot mill with below specifications.

Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
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