ALUMINIUM Refreshment Containers packing machine

Boxal, a division in the EXAL group of people, may be the entire world director inside the aluminium aerosols and bottles industry and offers packaging options to the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics markets.

The audience is found in the Argentina, USA and Europe, and its particular unrivalled total ability of just about 1.5 billion models annually enables it to provide industrial flexibility and availability to proficiently meet buyer demands.


Our aluminium bottles really are a winning remedy for your beverage and liquids industry: they can be suitable as Prepared To Consume (RTD) containers, and for wines, beers, oils, spirits and sodas. Exceptional safety properties, a reducing-benefit impression, safeness and adaptability make them ideal for consumers on the go, avant-gardists and new consumption functions.


This site offers revolutionary design, shapes and sharp visuals for your aluminium bottles: the perfect blend to persuade new consumer classes with desire for style, novelty and sensations. Full body-shaping methods authorise the creation of iconic bottles helping your brand image.

For big manufacturing runs or special occasions, Boxal squads will help you give your aluminium containers high-good quality artwork and adornments to make a unique package which will get noticed.


Shatterproof as well as a obstacle to air and light, our aluminium containers promise ideal merchandise preservation, rack logistics and life. A range of availabilities and stoppers gives whole consumer pleasure.


Our scientific mastery of aluminium ¨C from smelting to packaging aerosol containers and bottles ¨C indicates we produce and provide a full range of containers.

The most up-to-date production technologies ¨C like ‘C2C’ ¨C may either make extremely-lighting aluminium bottles and aerosols at very high rate, or supply full body shaping (therefore supplying innovative and personalised packaging).

Environment ALUMINIUM Containers

Aluminium is fully recyclable and signifies a higher-importance alternative fabric. Gentle, it reduces transport expenses and fuel consumption inside the whole provide chain. Our aluminium jar manufacturing process aims to lower fabric intake by frequent lower improved and gauging productivity.


Boxal employs the most recent incorporated layout instruments and productive strategies to meet the changing demands in the cosmetic products and pharmaceutical drug market segments.

Our knowledge of aerosol-shaping methods and complete competence of the newest creation technology permits us to totally condition aerosols. Our ‘freestyle by Boxal’ shapes improve item persona and present each and every item an exceptional personal identity.

The ergonomics made by the molded versions make your storage containers simpler to handle and hold. All of our containers might be shaped make it possible for new, exclusive components to be linked.

Boxal’s molded aerosols abide with the same specialized and safety attributes as classic containers.


Created from tinplate, and produced by drawing and wall structure ironing, Boxal two-part tin-dish aerosol cans have a monobloc system without having weld or seam, along with a flawlessly sleek inside wall surface.

The inside the pot system may be varnished or kept empty depending on the merchandise getting manufactured. Every single pot can stand up to a pressure score as much as 18bars.

AEROSOL CAN Within Defense

Numerous possibilities are offered dependant upon the characteristics of the materials. Compatibility checks are completed systematically for those new products.

AEROSOL Adornment

Several colours can be found, with 360?? offset stamping across a base cover with whole above-varnish protection. High-quality graphics and special effects can be found.


A number of cone requirements are offered, which include within blank, varnished or engrossed in a PET film, and exterior blank, white colored or coloured. The cone is crimped on your body and also the common starting is 1in (25.4mm).

The Newcan technological revolution provides aesthetically pleasing designs and competing remedies for overseas brand names. Integrated substantial-capacity lines working at up to 400 storage containers per minute make two-part metal containers that meet the market’s most strict standards.

Boxal continues to improved performance by using new materials and optimising the Newcan concept to produce a monobloc steel aerosol.

ISO 9001 AND 9002 Licensed Producing SITES

Boxal’s three Western internet sites, with their ability of virtually 900 million products and more than 20 included generation outlines, provide power and flexibility.

All our websites are ISO 9002 and 9001 certified and comply with all the most stringent environment-defense criteria. Boxal’s aluminium aerosols and bottles are totally recyclable.

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