again upending hydrocylinder plus a back rotating arm in coil turning

According to the present upender provides a technical solution, hydraulic servomotor upender turning machine comprises a frame, front arm, front flip hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and rear after flipping arm, right down to the frame, respectively, with hydraulic front flip After flipping the cylinder base and hydraulic base; said front and rear arm hinged arm were active in the rack midline; flip the front right side of the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder Activities hinged front flip on the base, left Activities hinged front lower arm; said right after the event hinged flip hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder in the base after turning on the left arm after the event hinged on the bottom, [0008].

[0009] explained frame comprises four help posts, involving the help column along with the decrease hooking up rod via a linking rod, linking rod comes to an end from the upper dish are coupled to the left and right pallets. Said front side left arm incorporates a assistance platter and the rotating left arm, stated revolving left arm attached to the back stop of your assistance dish, stated support dish is L-shaped, both comes to an end of the spinning arm having a rotation golf hole. Following the convert from the frontward arm and arm structure symmetry.

[0010] The current upender over the preceding craft has the subsequent positive aspects: The present upender compact and simple structure, sensible; arm a second time using two flick the workpiece 90 ??, to relay the flip method to complete a 180 ?? flick the workpiece , sequence hoist remedy the down sides with the journey boundaries, a wide variety of sizes to flip the workpiece; retain the workpiece straight with the shift left arm, as the sequence is not going to produce this kind of accommodating shaking. Very easy to function, smooth flip the workpiece, the workpiece will never develop harm; enhance staff member productivity, decrease effort strength.

[0016] From the subsequent sketches, the present upender will likely be further more detailed with the embodiments:

The current upender includes a structure 1, the first arm 2, a front turn a few hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders 4 and overturned after arm 5, the right part of your body a front side turn up andrespectively and down, with base 6 and back hydraulic cylinders Flick hydraulic cylinder base 7; explained front and back left arm 2 lived hinge left arm 5 from the carrier a midline; turn the leading appropriate side of your hydraulic tube 3 process hinged top turn hydraulic cylinder base 6, still left Activities hinged top lower arm 2; explained hydraulic tube 4 following turning exercise hinged on soon after turning on the hydraulic tube base 7, convert still left after the event easy-to-open about the lower end of the left arm 5.

[0017] The framework 1 includes several assistance posts 8, the frame 1 of the 4 help posts 8 is fixed on a lawn, involving the help column 8 by way of a attaching rod 9 along with the reduce hooking up rod 10 are connected, the connecting rod 9 and lower hooking up rod 10 and four assist columns 8 to make a stable reliable piece flip dock. The 2 ends in the connecting rod 9 is linked to the remaining dish 11 and the proper dish 12, a left dish 11 and also the correct front side plate 12 are widely used to secure the increase 2 along with the rear left arm 5. Said top arm 2 consists of a revolving arm support dish 2-1 and 2-2, 2-2 coupled to the rotary arm the back stop of your support plate 2-1. Stated promoting platter 2-1 is L-, L-piece design ensures in a horizontal express or perhaps in a top to bottom state might be next to the initially exchange left arm 2. 2-2 equally comes to an end from the rotating arm carries a rotating hole, revolving the left arm 2-2 may be linked from a switch before the decrease hydraulic cylinder 3, driven and rotated throughout the opening in the top of the shaft. Once the change from the prior growth arm 5 2 symmetric construction. Flip the front tube hydraulic cylinder 3, which includes 3-1 and 3-2 piston, the piston rod installed on the tube 3-1 3-2 within. Before flipping the same structure, flip the rear hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder 4 and 3.

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