again upending hydrocylinder and a back spinning left arm in coil turning

[0018] The present upender functions: Hydraulic Relay Flip gear normally utilized in an organization, includes a few hydraulic Relay flick machine, a hydraulic station and electronic handle boxes kind a group flip device.

[0019] Prior to starting work on the turn, the workpiece 14 throughout the left roller 13 transfers to three hydraulic servomotor generate frontward turn arm 2, three hydraulic Relay flick forwards around the machine arm 2 top change pushed by hydraulic cylinder 3 after that synchronization change the workpiece 14 90 ??, followed by 5 from the left arm after the hydraulic tube 4 after turning powered synchronization of your workpiece 14 and after that turn 90 ??, so that the workpiece 14 by 180 ?? change landed on the other side the right curler 15 on.

The utility design relates to a multifunctional mechanized fungus converting upender, and is among the specialized area in the auxiliary gear for technical treatment and mold produce. The multifunctional mechanical fungus converting upender comprises basics, a hinge shaft, a converting dish, a sequence, a magnet doing work table, a rotating shaft as well as a telescopic deal with. The inside the base is supplied having a switching engine along with a sprocket; the hinge shaft is fixedly established about the basic; the converting plate is hinged around the hinge shaft and is also provided with a turning motor; the sequence is engaged together with the sprocket; the two finishes from the chain are correspondingly hinged with the two comes to an end from the turning coupling tire from the turning dish; the switching dish transforms over as soon as the converting motor unit drives the sprocket as well as the sequence; the magnetic working table is supplied having a completely magnetic sucker as well as a restriction prohibit, and is also guaranteed about the transforming plate through a revolving shaft; along with the turning motor pushes a driving items thereon and a powered products on the rotating shaft to swivel, in order to ultimately travel the magnet functioning dish to spin for 360 levels. The application model has the advantages of a plurality of reliability, functions and safety, and tiny entertained room, and can be used converting the material being refined and also the fungus throughout the technical treatment method and the mildew make.

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