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Hence the cutlery remain relatively stationary supplies and the severance is in fact effected by the going movements of the floor tile caused by the evolving activity of your cutter dolly. The cutter dolly developments right up until it is actually disposed earlier mentioned an upended plate D whereupon the dolly raises after which retracts to its authentic placement to repeat the operations about the following making it `group of ceramic tiles T. ‘I’he tiles Ta and the jewelry Tb on the upender dish are then clamped at reverse ends by members which retain the group in place. Then the upender holder is propelled forwardly and rocked into a vertical situation directly earlier mentioned a kiln vehicle E. The final clamping associates are released in such a way the piles of floor tile drop roughly a single in . with the outdoor patio from the kiln vehicle. In order to make way for the next pile of ceramic tile, the kiln automobile is moved ahead to be in place for the next model to ‘be that is set in close relation. In this connection it must be understood that the cutter dolly .alternately stops with an sophisticated situation as well as at a job slightly rearwardly, this indexing empowering the stacks of tile when released on the kiln vehicle to crotch with the other stack. This lets a kiln auto to hold a better stress because it moves with the kiln. Research is made to program Serial No. 812,393, iiled May ll, 1959 (now Patent No, 3,003,216) of which this app is really a division, and then in which details information in the maachine is defined forth.

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