A spiral wrapping equipment with a technical infomation

4. An device as stated in declare 1 wherein said fastening signifies makes up a tying assembly attached into a accumulating arm set up which happens to be pivotally installed to mentioned framework, explained tying construction simply being made to take part and fasten explained leading and trailing finishes of material.

5. An device as reported in assert 4 wherein mentioned tying set up is a hog ringer.

6. An apparatus as professed in assert 1 wherein stated turntable clamp means consists of a moveable help associate, tube signifies installed to mentioned help member, a clamp associate operatively linked to and shifted by mentioned tube signifies out and into of placements of engagement, and means to move mentioned assist associate aside toward and from said turntable.

7. An device as professed in state 6 in which explained transporting indicates makes up a liquid tube installed to mentioned turntable and attached to mentioned help associate, and early spring implies attached to explained support fellow member and said turntable.

8. An equipment as reported in assert 7 wherein said springtime implies is really a coil spring biased to tug explained support fellow member to stated turntable.

9. An apparatus as reported in assert 1 where said cutter signifies consists of a water cylinder associated with mentioned structure plus a blade fitted to stated tube, stated knife being turned on by said cylinder which hard disks said knife against the collapsed web of material to sever explained material.

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