A panel packaging machine for EPS PANEL the joint

Hence, after the window panel has become put from the groove Identification of the closing strip 5, the securing lip I2 is induced to return to its standard closing situation shown in Statistics 2 and 1, sometimes by withdrawing the instrument I8 of Figure 4 or admitting atmosphere to get rid of the vacuum within the passageway I3 of Shape 4, or by releasing compressed air from the passageway I3 of Body 4a. The window installation in general then shows up as demonstrated in Shape 8.

While in installation, the available comes to an end from the passageway I3 within the securing strip 5 may be shut and produced air-tight by cementing or vulcanizing the opposite finishes of the securing strip 5 in which they abut one other, as displayed at 5a in Shape 8. It has also been discovered feasible to close the passageway I3 sufliciently for that purposes of the present creation of panel packing just by slicing the sealing strip to some span above its necessary span, for instance about one particular quarter inches over needed. Once this exceedingly very long securing strip 5 is forced in the panel launching, the ends 5a are compressed jointly through the strength in the securing strip 5, securing the joint between them.

As the invention of panel packing demonstrated in Numbers 5 to ‘7 comprehensive, the securing strip 30 is created by extruding rubberized or other appropriate material to the ideal condition. so as’to offer a body segment 3| possessing a underside wall surface 32 furnished with a core slot 33 for getting a rib 34 with a structure member or perhaps the like as at 35. The frame associate 35 may make up the channel percentage of a windows starting which is furnished with downwardly extending flanges 36 as displayed in Body 5.

The body portion 3| from the closing strip is supplied with a pair of window pane receiving lines 31 set up in parallel spaced relation and explained lines have inwardly guided wall surfaces providing securing lip amounts 38 the same as the securing lip amounts II and I2 in the panel wrapping models shown in Statistics 1 to 4a comprehensive. Along side it surfaces 39 of your closing strip are arcuately curved in cross portion and the body portion 3| of your securing strip is provided with longitudinally stretching out availabilities or passageways 40 experiencing opposed indoor curved surfaces 442 and . The inside curved walls 42 are formed to coincide with all the side wall surfaces 39 so as to type an arcuately curved wall surface portion 43 as displayed evidently in Physique

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