A palletized volatile weight is stretch packaged for unitization in the fill

FIG. 2 is a sectional elevational see exhibiting the stress simply being extruded through the pot;

FIG. 3 is really a part elevational perspective demonstrating the container tilted for packing; and,

FIG. 4 is a standpoint view exhibiting the load getting packaged.

Information OF THE Desired EMBODIMENT

When a gentle-weight or unstable product will be palletized for delivery they have customarily been necessary to enclose the item in a few rigorous container to give this product assist on both sides. This really is especially accurate with unfilled containers and reduce fabric material. Just for example the next description will reference the merchandise as unfilled containers; nonetheless it is going to be understood that this apparatus and method stated hereinafter is relevant to the unstable product or service which might be stretch wrapped in accordance with the reported technology.

Discussing the sketches, a turntable 10, such as produced by Global Packaging Devices, Inc. for use in standard stretch wraping, is displayed as the basic with in which the invention operates. The turntable 10 features a controllable price of rotation which may be manipulated as outlined by the type of your weight. Placed on top of the turntable 10 is a platter 11 which is linked to the turntable by a hinge 12 and that is if possible made out of metallic or like material. Upstanding retaining walls 13 are attached to the plate 11 and form a pot 14 which is often spherical or rectilinear as preferred for the certain product being packed. The top of the box 14 is open. The wall space 13 are high enough to accommodate the load of item and a scissor lift 16 like a Product 1070-1-E by American Scissor Lift. The scissor lift up 16 is preferentially an electronically actuated hydraulic lift; nonetheless, any perfect lifting system may be hired.

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