A orbital wrapping machine to create steel handling operation

In order to simplify the drawing, in the figures described above the robot 61 is represented without means to grip the rolls. However, according to a particularly advantageous embodiment of the invention, the head of the robot has a particular configuration, illustrated hereunder in two different embodiments with reference to FIGS. 17 to 23.

The initial embodiment from the gripping participant attached to your head in the robot 61 is explained in FIGS. 17A to 21, where by FIGS. 17B and 17A show part landscapes of your go with the gripping participants symbolized in two different placements, specifically a position to grasp a roll with the axis within a horizontal placement (FIG. 17B) as well as a placement to discharge the roll within the placement with top to bottom axis (FIG. 17A). FIG. According to line XVIII-XVIII in FIG 18 is a plan view. 17A and FIG. According to line XXI-XXI in FIG 21 is a front view. 17A, although FIGS. 20 and 19 are axonometric landscapes in the gripping participants from the two placements indicated schematically in FIGS. 17A and 17B.

Inside an useful embodiment of your innovation, the suction power go has a roll gripping area, suggested with 501 and getting an roughly toned semi-circular form. Specifically, the surface 501 carries a round key place 501A as well as a semicircular extension 501B. In accordance with a potential embodiment of your technology, the gripping surface area 501 is split (FIG. 19) into five suction areas 503A, 503C and 503B even though the spherical central area has no suction, mainly because it coincides with the axial opening of your rolls.

The suction location 503A features a substantially annular design which is delimited by two concentric annular projections, outlined inside that is a inner compartment which, through suction pockets 505A, is positioned in substance experience of a versatile suction power duct 507, consequently associated with a suction line. The numeral 505B indicates suction power apertures associated with the two areas 503B establishing in a part of annular surface concentric to the core part 501A. The numeral 505C indicates suction slots that link up areas 503C on the suction power range 507.

A slip valve managed by an actuator 507 (FIG. 20), by way of example of the electromagnetic sort, is associated with the suction slots 505C, 505A and 505B. Functioning is unquestionably to selectively open or shut the suction power slots500B and 500A, 500C. By doing this, it really is easy to alternatively location simply the slots 505A in liquid connection with the suction duct 507, maintaining the holes 505B and 505C closed, or perhaps to also place the slots 505B and optionally even the pockets 505C in connection with the duct orbital stretch wrapper. Opening or closing of the suction power pockets505B and 505A, 505C happens as a function of the size of the roll to be involved. The greater the diameter from the roll is, the greater the amount of annular or semi-annular locations 503A, 503B, 503C being positioned in relationship with the suction power collection 507 will probably be. This guarantees highest grip being a function of the size from the roll and lowest atmosphere ingestion.

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