A method of manufacturing a wire cable wrapping machine

3. A method as recited in claim 2 employing a second coiling machine and cable wrapping machine, and comprising the more methods of:

(h) moving the package from stage (g) to some location distant through the coiling machine and cable packing machine;

(i) connecting the package aspect works with and shaft towards the next coiling machine for rotation of your sleeve about an axis of rotation;

(j) unbinding the defensive housing and taking out the protecting casing from your coil; and

(k) unwinding the continuous flexible object of the coil from the sleeve by rotating the sleeve about the axis of rotation defined by the second coiling machine.

4. A method as recited in claim 3 comprising the additional actions of, soon after stage (k), eliminating the aspect can handle in the 2nd coiling machine and coil wrapping machine ; taking out the area can handle and shaft in the sleeve and defensive rings; reusing one side works with and shaft; and getting rid of the sleeve and safety jewelry.

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