A coil upender to make steel coil handling

Positioned involving the winder 3 and also the model 5 can be a storage space 7, which could keep more than one reels from the winder 3 and which have to be put in the unwinder associated with the rewinder of the system 5. The setup proven in FIG. 1 also consists of a symmetrical agreement, pointed out with 5??, of the identical equipment generating the device 5, to demonstrate the chance of providing two rewinder devices having a one winder 3.

A packaging or wrapping collection, indicated by and large with 9, and that will be explained in increased depth hereunder, is assigned to the element of coil upender comprising the products 1, optionally, 3 and 5 5??. In this line the single rolls produced in parallel by the rewinder of the unit 5 are distributed and separated into stacks divided according to product, i.e. placing in each stack rolls with the same dimensions. Within this range 9 the stack of rolls may also be packaged after which covered on pallets for succeeding move.

A plurality of shuttles 11 exchange the moves from your rewinder of your system 5 or 5?? to the packaging range 9. Several shuttles 11 can be provided, and as well as relocating the moves to the packaging line 9, they could communicate the rolls to a region 11 for good quality handle and optionally for an location 13 for handbook packaging, as a result by-completing packaging range 9. The numeral 15 schematically shows a station to boost the electric batteries from the shuttles 11.

FIG. 2 schematically symbolizes a plan take a look at the group of units mentioned by and large with 5 in FIG. 1. Numeral 20 signifies the unwinder combined with the rewinder 22, with numeral 23 showing the various tools for longitudinally cutting the world wide web substance delivered in the reel B and numeral 25 showing the winding rollers. Positioned downstream of the winding rollers is undoubtedly an unloading chute 27, with a cradle of rollers situated within a marking machine 31, which tags the moves unloaded in the winding cradle established with the rollers 25 and that will be defined in greater fine detail hereunder.

Located with the side of the rewinder 21 is definitely the system 33 to make the mandrels using the particular tubular cores locked and inserted thereon. The numeral 35 signifies the coil upender to put in the mandrel and particular winding cores within the winding section of the rewinder 21. These devices 33, 35 may be developed as defined in increased details, as an example, in WO-A-0061480 or even in an additional perfect way.

Reference number 36 indicates an extractor device to remove the mandrel in the categories of moves shaped with the rewinder 21. The extractor can also be designed as disclosed in coil upender.

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