A coil upender to make handling

The rewinder comes with a coil upender of counter and blades-cutting blades or some other longitudinal decreasing tools. These are generally situated transversely with regards to the route of give in the web substance, based on the dimensions of the pieces to get obtained by decreasing the net fabric from the reel. A variety of coil upenders are already researched for auto positioning the blades as being a function of the fabric to be made. An illustration of device to carry out explained placing is described in EP-A-1245354.

Winding mandrels, on what tubular winding cores, corresponding in number, position and dimension towards the number, dimension and position from the pieces into that your decreasing resources separate the net material from the master reel getting unwound, have been installed, are put time by period in the rewinder. devices and Machines that prepare the mandrel with the tubular winding cores fitted thereon currently exist. An illustration of a system on this kind is detailed in WO-A-0061480 and then in the corresponding European patent EP-B-1169250.

Downstream of the rewinders the winding mandrels are pulled from the created rolls, which can be then delivered to packaging.

Currently, included coil upenders for control over the various production actions from your winder to packaging are not provided. On the whole, in at present utilized coil upenders you can find about three separate principal processes. These are typically:

winding of your nonwoven created by the continuous machine,

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