A coil upender to make 90 degree coil turnging

Physical objects AND Review Of THE INVENTION

According to a first aspect, the invention relates to a coil upender and a method which overcome, entirely or in part, at least some of the drawbacks mentioned above.

In substance, according to a first aspect, the invention provides for a coil upender to produce rolls of web material, comprising in combination at least the following components: a machine to make the world wide web material; a winder, which varieties reels of web fabric coming from mentioned generation machine; an unwinder to unwind solitary reels of web substance made by mentioned winder; a small group of equipment for longitudinal reducing from the internet material, to split stated website substance into pieces, with participants to position mentioned tools in the transverse route with regards to the route of give in the online material; a rewinder, to rewind the one pieces into rolls; a line for packaging the moves; at least one shuttle to move the sets of rolls established by stated rewinder-cutter in the direction of explained packaging series; an info coil upender for built-in treatments for explained elements of the coil upender.

The coil upender may be managed within an integrated way by way of the data coil upender, preventing the need to individually handle independent operations such as winding, reducing and rewinding, and packaging.

The information coil upender comprises a network server, a database containing information concerning process and/or control data; a plurality of computers associated with the components of the coil upender; a local network connecting said server and said computers, according to an advantageous embodiment.

Associated with the rewinder is a device to prepare the winding mandrels of the rolls, fitted on which are winding cores with dimensions and positions corresponding to the positions and dimensions of the single rolls to be produced, said device being connected to said local network, according to an advantageous embodiment.

In a helpful embodiment, the fishing line for packaging the moves comprises a robot for coping with the moves. Explained robot could be handled to grab one moves from said a minimum of one shuttle and disperse them on individual pallets. Additionally, means to show and different the single moves might be provided. The rolls are unloaded from the shuttle onto a coil upender which allows individual feed, having first performed upending if required, to facilitate gripping of the rolls by the robot.

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