A coil upender to create steel handling

FIGS. 3 and 4 correspondingly present a schematic side look at the rewinder confined to the winding rollers and to the unloading work surface as well as the marking gadget 31 related to explained surface.

The unloading surface area or chute 27 comes with a pair of rollers 37 understanding a cradle into that the moves R produced by the rewinder may be unloaded. As is known per se, are wound about a common mandrel, a series of coaxial rolls having the same diameter, from which the winding mandrel is extracted, will be placed on the unloading chute 27 at each cycle, as these rolls. The moves R rest about the rollers 37, which are rotated to produce the rolls R rotate about the axis thereof up until the ultimate cost-free end is facing upward, i.e. towards mind 41 of the labeling machine 31, to ensure the latter can use personal-adhesive brands (by way of example printed out by explained go 41) for the tail for each roll. The brands have the two function of preventing the world wide web fabric from unwinding through the roll in the up coming dealing with procedures and also of marking every single roll with a rule or another information helpful for up coming surgical procedures.

According to the double arrow f45 of a slide 45 the head 41 is mounted on a carriage 43 which moves on guides for vertical sliding. According to f45 allows the head 41 to be moved towards and away from the unloading surface or chute 27, to allow labeling of rolls R of different diameter, the movement. The carriage 43 can translate according to the double arrow f43 on a cross-member 47 equipped with sliding guides 49 to label in sequence all the rolls placed time by time on the unloading chute or surface 27. It really is realized that, should this be required, for example, as a result of axial entire rolls, every single roll might be presented with more than one brand.

FIG. 5 schematically shows a potential setup from the packaging series 9, when FIGS. 6A-6E show an enlargement of following servings of said series.

Guide quantity 51 indicates an initial conveyor on that your moves R from your shuttle 11 coming from the rewinder are unloaded. The conveyor 51 feeds the single rolls according to the arrow f51 towards an area provided with equipment 53 for optional further labeling, e.g. on the periphery of each roll. According to an advantageous embodiment, illustrated herein, labeling takes place with the roll R lying on a vertical plane, i.e. with the axis thereof horizontal, before subsequent upending.

According to a possible embodiment, downstream of the equipment 53 is an upender 55, which upends each roll of the group of rolls unloaded from the shuttle onto the conveyor 51 to position it with the axis thereof vertical, i.e. orthogonal, to the plane of the figure. In reality, moves with modest axial proportions can be upended automatically, while those with larger axial dimensions may be upended by the upender 55.

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