A coil upender to create steel handling operation

The upended rolls R are fed through a conveyor coil upender 57 in the direction of a roller conveyor 59 through which they can be singly acquired by a robot indicated by and large with 61. The robot 61 can position the single rolls using one or another of two conveyors 63A, 63B. For this function, the robot 61 has a left arm 65 given a motion around a plurality of numerically operated axes. The robot 61 can also pick up separator discs DS made of cardboard or another suitable sheet material, positioned on a specific support 67 placed within the range of action of the arm 65 of the robot 61, as well as picking up the individual rolls R from the roller conveyor 59. In this way, the robot 61 picks up individual rolls and areas them using one or some other of your conveyors63B and 63A, and can spot a separator disc DS on each and every roll. The conveyors 63A, 63B are connected with an assemblage of curler conveyors 69 which could nourish stacks of rolls shaped in the conveyors 63A, 63B to the subsequent gear placed across the packaging collection to perform exterior wrapping and labeling in the bundles of moves, as well as optionally available evaluating and other functions about packaging.

A machine 71 is provided along the roller conveyor 69 to wrap, with a film F, the stack of rolls R positioned time by time in the machine 71, according to an advantageous embodiment of the invention.

According to a possible embodiment of the invention, downstream of the wrapping machine 71 a palletization station 73 is positioned, in which single pallets P are inserted under the stack of rolls R, between said stack and the roller conveyor 69. For this purpose, according to an embodiment of the invention, a lifting member 75 with jaws or grippers 76, which grip the stack of rolls R laterally to lift it from the roller conveyor, is positioned in the station 73.

According to an advantageous embodiment, a further wrapping machine 77 is positioned downstream of the palletization station 73, where the assembly formed by the pallet and by the stacks of rolls R is wrapped with a plastic film.

In accordance with the preferred embodiment illustrated in FIG. 6E, an additional curler conveyor 79 is positioned downstream from the wrapping machine 77, with which the palletized bundles are provided to a additional labeling station 81 and from this point for an unloading roller conveyor 83, at the wall plug of which the single pallets are picked up using a fork raise van or even the like (not displayed).

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