A coil upender to create steel handling operation

The handle coil upender of the coil upender described previously mentioned will be shown in greater details hereunder based on a number of diagrams. Before heading through to explain these factors, nevertheless, it ought to be observed how the coil upender structure, and then in particular the packaging collection defined with research to FIGS. 6 and 5, is provided purely as an indication and as an example of countless possible layouts in the members and means to carry out packaging of the stacks of rolls. An alternative possible arrangement and configuration in the packaging line is illustrated in FIG. 7. FIGS. 8A, 8C and 8B display details of procedure in the coil upender in this example of embodiment.

The robot, again indicated with 61, picks up the single rolls R when they are still positioned with their axes A-A horizontal on the shuttle 11, according to this embodiment. Research quantity 101 signifies moving monitors allowing the robot 61 to slide toward the double arrow f61, to become positioned with the head 61A thereof every time at the degree of the 1st roll of every selection of moves R situated about the shuttle 11 put into the packaging region. The illustration explained in FIG. 7 displays, by means of example, two robots 61 moving forward a frequent information 101 to function simultaneously on two groups of moves R communicated by two shuttles 11. The shuttle is symbolized schematically inside a part see in FIG. 8A.

FIGS. 8B and 8C schematically illustrate the motion which the robot 61, by way of the head 61A, roles alone to grab the roll R from your row of moves put on the shuttle 11 (FIG. 8B) and, by using a rotation in the mind (FIG. 8C), it really is located along with the pile of moves R simply being established with a station or place Pp for forming piles of moves. The stations Pp for forming the piles of rolls are aligned parallel to the monitors or side rails 101 in the reverse part with regards to the area from which the moves are picked up. Said stations Pp can be engaged with a pallet or by way of a simple surface shaped to permit the reels to become gathered by a fork elevate van. A fork raise truck 105, advantageously driven immediately, is supplied to buy the one pallets Pp together with the moves positioned thereon or lift just one pile of moves, and shift these people to the 2nd part of the packaging collection, in which wrapping takes place. At a number of stations Pp for creating stacks, many piles of moves R with variable proportions, normally of numerous elevation, are shaped. The head and tail trimmings pointed out with RF are unloaded with the robot into stacks that happen to be established in lateral places 107. The numeral 109 indicates places for saving separator discs DS manufactured from cardboard, plastic or another materials, which every single robot 61 chooses up to place on the top of each and every roll located in the station Pp for forming stacks.

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