A coil upender to create moves of online

a minimum of one shuttle to exchange categories of moves formed by said rewinder towards said packaging series;

an information and facts coil upender for built-in control over the coil upender.

2. A coil upender as claimed in claim 1, in which said information coil upender includes a system web server, a data source that contain info regarding procedure info and/or management data, a plurality of personal computers associated with the coil upender as well as a local network connecting stated server and mentioned computer systems.

3. A coil upender as stated in declare 2, whereby mentioned packaging line of the rolls includes a robot for managing the moves.

4. A coil upender as claimed in claim 3, whereby mentioned packaging collection includes a conveyor to show moves from mentioned shuttle to some position to become picked up by stated handling robot.

5. A coil upender as claimed in state 3, whereby said robot is controlled to get single rolls from said one or more shuttle and distribute them on one pallets.

6. A coil upender as professed in state 1, wherein connected with stated rewinder is a gadget to get ready winding mandrels from the rolls, wherein winding cores are fitted on mentioned winding mandrels, explained winding cores experiencing proportions and jobs related on the dimensions and positions of individual rolls to become produced, mentioned gadget simply being linked to a nearby group.

7. A coil upender as reported in claim 6, in which stated packaging brand of the moves comprises a robot for dealing with the rolls.

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