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This particular process provides two principal benefits. Initially, the mechanism gets rid of the necessity to shift the hefty excess weight in the film roll, stretch rollers, drive motors, manages along with other related equipment up and down on the straight cage given that most of these stay stationary supplies. As a result a safer, more and lighter affordable elevator system can be used. 2nd, it now becomes practical to make use of much bigger film rolls which more easily could be installed horizontally for the majority of packaging equipment particularly on intelligent equipment therefore enabling, as an example, as much as four times as much pallet plenty to become covered without stopping the machine or altering the moves.


NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER Developing can be a point of view look at a single embodiment of the stretch wrapping machine in accordance with the current creation.

NO.2 STRETCH WRAPPER Planning is actually a diagrammatic perspective illustrating the operations of your stretch wrapping machine of NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER DESIGNING.

FIG. 3 is yet another diagrammatic look at just like NO.2 STRETCH WRAPPER Planning illustrating the stretch wrapping machine during an additional stage in the wrapping operations.

FIG. 4 is actually a diagrammatic take a look at the stretch wrapping machine illustrated in NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER Creating.

FIG. 5 is a leading program look at the dispensing process in the stretch wrapping machine shown in NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER DESIGNING.

FIG. 6 is really a top strategy view of the dancer mechanism and tension curler found in the stretch wrapping machine shown in NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER Planning.

FIG. 7 is really a perspective diagrammatic take a look at one more embodiment from the stretch wrapping machine of your provide innovation.

NO.8 STRETCH WRAPPER can be a diagrammatic take a look at a stretch wrapping machine as outlined by the before artwork.

FIG. 9 is a leading view of the most preferred kind of the first embodiment which include a engine manage device for that stretch rollers.

NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER DESIGNING0 is surely an elevational look at a changes of your embodiment of FIG. 9.

NO.1 STRETCH WRAPPER DESIGNING1 is a look at a second embodiment of the invention.

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