Automatic packaging line for steel coil with strapping machine at Fhopepack


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine


Battery Limits/ TOP and Exclusion
i) Compressed air (instrument air) supply at 6.5 bars pressure in automatic strapping machine.
Compressor air will be made available by purchaser at each consumer
points for entire line.
ii) Electric power supply. Electrical power will be made available by the
purchaser at nearest building column.
iii) Hydraulic oil and water supply at power pack.
iv) Civil works.
v) Off loading and positioning of equipments at site.
vi) Crane and fork lift trucks for off loading.
vii) Dummy coils or sample coils for trials.
viii) PLC control room air conditioner.
ix) All required platforms manufracturing and erection by Essar and
vendor to provide fabrication, assembly and design drawings.


Type Coil packaging line (2 no’s) for Annealed/
Galvanized Coils from CAL / CGL.
Line capacity 15 coils per hour for each line
Coil Weight 2.0 Ton (min) to 35.0 T (max)
Strip Width 800 mm (min)/1670 mm (max)
Coil I.D. Ø 508 and Ø 610 mm.
Coil O.D. Ø 2100 mm (max)/750 (min)
Max. Coil side wall telescopic ± 40 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 10 mm
Coil temperature Max 50 deg
Line Hand
Line 1 (For CGL products) Right to Left
Line 2 (For CAL products) Left to Right
End laps
Properly tucked in for the ID so that
clear gap of 508 mm is available inside.
Outer end should be tapered projection.

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