transparent film automatic packaging

Features: single transparent film automatic packaging of various box items that the stretch wrapping machine is widely used in medicine, food, health products, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, cards, cigarettes and other industries in the packaging. Finished products can be easy to pull with paste unpacking, and “Three Preventions function to improve the anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, namely”, dust; improve the grade of products, improve the added value of products, improve product appearance decoration quality. It can provide supporting device: A. automatic feeding device; B. date printer C. feeding table.
The product parameters:
20-120 packages / min
OPP, BOPP heat sealing film, thermal adhesive cellophane and security cable
Packaging specifications
Length 50-150mm width 30-120mm high 10-45mm
Power Supply
220V 50-60Hz
The total power
The shape size
Long 2320mm width 860mm and height 1520mm
Folding pallet packaging machine this suitable single particle items in a variety of rectangular or square, this machine is widely used for seasoning agent, chicken block, food, candy, medicine, health products and other small particles in the packaging of goods, after package can also be transparent film 3D set again in bag, so as to improve the shelf-life and product grade. Globoidal indexing cam mechanism with the stretch wrapping machine, variable frequency speed control, LCD display, stable operation, low noise. Single, double paper packaging, can also choose automatic control of color according to user requirements. Is a kind of low investment with high return advanced packaging equipment.

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